Saturday, February 13, 2016

90 Million Evangelicals

There are reportedly 90 million evangelicals in the USA today.
However, that number is decreasing as more and more Christians are becoming fed up with the savage behavior that many evangelicals have toward one another.
Many evangelicals, however, are moving beyond evangelicalism to a deeper walk with Jesus.
This “tribe” (to use Seth Godin’s term) is increasing in number every day.
They still hold to the four core tenants of classic evangelicalism, but they’ve gone beyond them to embrace some of the central, but neglected aspects of Scripture.
This group aren’t interested in reigniting the doctrinal wars of the early 20th century, and they stay clear of the mud-slinging that goes on in many evangelical circles today.
Instead, their desire is to know, follow, and love Jesus Christ and express His glory in the world.

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